Comus - First Utterance + 3 Bonus (CD)




Rock Fever Music





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Original release 1970
Re-issue Rock Fever Music
+ 3 Bonus Tracks !!!

Track listing
1. Diana (4:37)
2. The Herald (12:12)
3. Drip Drip (10:54)
4. Song to Comus (7:30)
5. The Bite (5:26)
6. Bitten (2:15)
7. The Prisoner (6:14)

+ Bonus:
Diana (Single Version)
In the lost Queen's eye
Winter is a coloured bird

- Glen Goring / 6-12 acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide, hand drums, vocals
- Andy Hellaby / fender bass, slide bass, vocals
- Colin Pearson / violin, viola
- Roger Wootton / acoustic guitar, lead vocals
- Rob Young / flute, oboe, hand drums
- Bobbie Watson / vocals, percussion

This is one of the most accomplished prog-folk album ever. There are two singer , the female having a rather standard folk rock voice such as Celia Humphries (the Trees) or Jacqui McShee (Pentangle) and the male sounding like some kind of Roger Chapman of Family on acid. The lyrics are demonic (not satanic) and the poetry is as good as Gabriel or Tull's Tramp or Hastings but in a very dark way - but I would not classify this as gothic either...