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Legendary ‘60s psych album

Produced by ‘Lord’ Tim Hudson
Arranged by David Axelrod
This superbly moody album first appeared on Capitol in 1969.
Produced by ‘Lord’ Tim Hudson (The Seeds, The Lollipop Shoppe) and arranged by David Axelrod, it’s a superb blend of garage rock and orchestrated psychedelia, featuring a threesong opening salvo truly unlike anything else in pop. This is its fullest-ever release, complete with liner notes detailing what little has ever been discovered about the band.
Track Listing:
Side 1
1. Soon There’ll Be Thunder
2. I Have Been Alone
3. Those Who Love
4. Go Every Way
5. Why Must I Be?
6. Take From You
Side 2:
1. They Didn’t Even Go To The Funeral
2. Hudson/Hill Feeling
3. Girl Said - Know
4. Land Of A Day
5. This Life She Is Mine