Coma (1977 Denmark) - Financial Tycoon (CD)


Prog. Jazz-Rock


Paisley Press





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Originally released 1977
CD reissue 2019 Paisley Press

COMA formed in 1971 in Frederikshavn with some of the ex-members of the band RAMASJANG, and some of the earliest members were Uffe MARKUSSEN, Flemming FRIBERG and Jakob MYGIND. The stable line-up of the band was made in 1973 with the addition of Klaus THRANE, Viggo BERTELSEN and Leif CHRISTENSEN, with whom they made their debut Financial Tycoon in 1977. The complicated sound of this avantgarde jazz rock band is harder to describe, which is seen in their taste of musicians they apreciate: KING CRIMSON, JOHN COLTRANE, FRANK ZAPPA and JIMI HENDRIX; and it can be heard on Financial Tycoon that they were not strangers to some eastern music as well. After their debut they released Amoc in 1980, and not limited to music, they were active in local political activities in Frederikshavn and remained active through the early 80's releasing some singles. COMA can be recommended to people who like their already mentioned role models (especially ZAPPA, their instrumental and lyrical inspiration) and music with some similarities to NATIONAL HEALTH, GONG and SUPERSISTER.