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Colours - Volutuous Doom (Doppel CD)




Frantic Records (Double-CD)


Doppel CD



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COLOURS - VOLUPTUOUS DOOM ( 2 CD 60s/70s Anglophilic pop psych)

For fans of over-orchestrated Anglophilic pop-psych, it doesnt get much better than this. Hailing from Chico, California - and not to be confused with the inferior group of the same name on Dot Records - COLOURS sprang from the loins of 60s punk legends the Boy Blues in 1967 and crafted an albums worth of quirky, baroque-infused material, laden with luscious harmonies, tantalizing textures and an intriguing lyrical bent. The band journeyed to LA in 1968 and recorded for Johnny Rivers Soul City label, produced by Armin Steiner with arrangements by Marty Paich. Comparisons to the Bee Gees Odessa, Loves Forever Changes or the Beach Boys Smile only partly describe the rich sonic tapestry COLOURS wove. But cruelly, the album was never released, and the band broke up shortly afterward. Now with Voluptuous Doom, we can revel in the full glory of COLOURS. Boasting superb sound, bonus live tracks recorded at SFs famed Matrix, and lengthy liner notes by expert Alec Palao, its a stupendous package. But wait - in customary Frantic Records style, you also get a full second disc of 1970 material by successor band CHRISTIAN, stripped down but equally tuneful. Prepare to gorge on the sonic feast that is Voluptuous Doom and COLOURS.

Reissue 2009 Frantic Records