Colonel Bagshot - Oh ! What A Lovely War (CD)




Flawed Gems





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Original released 1971
CD reissue 2012 Flawed Gems
sealed !


This is another great, but completely underrated album by obscure UK rock band ( from Liverpool ) which wasn´t issued in their homeland ( in contrast to some of their singles ). The same fate met the other British groups from early 70´s like Light Of Darkness, Diabolus, Ironbridge or Grail. This LP was recorded in London and released in 1971 in USA ( by Cadet Concept ) and in Italy ( by Music Records ).This highlight is very moving anti-war anthem ´Six Days War` and the beautiful progressive ballad Lord High Human Being. This fascinating, quasi-progressive and very melodic album contained an electric mix of styles, ranging from atmospheric psychedelia, through guitar-based soft-progressive to folky ballads-not far away from late 60´s The Beatles combined with early 70´s The Strawbs and Moody Blues.