Collegium Musica - Vacho Varga Freso Hájek + Bonus track (CD)




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Studio Album, released in 1970
CD reissue 2012 Enigmatic Records
Digitally remastered
sealed !

Songs / Tracks Listing:

Hommage Á J.S. Bach' EP:
(Czechoslovak Panton, 1970)

1. Hommage á J.S. Bach
2. Ulica plná plástov do dazda

Collegium Musicum' LP:
(Czechoslovak Supraphon, 1971

3. If you want to fall
4. Strange time
5. Concerto in D

Special Bonus Track:
(East German Amiga, 1973)

6. Hommage á J.S. Bach


Line-up / Musicians

- Marián Varga / organ, harpsichord
- Fedor Freso / bass guitar, vocal
- Ras¬ùo Vacho / guitar
- Dusan Hájek / drums

Collegium Musicum biography
This band is an historical band in Czechoslovakia. They was active from 1971 until 1981 with 6 releases plus one live lp. Their style is like ELP with Wakeman, The NICE and clear classical influences.
The CD  contains long tracks all composed by Varga that give to compositions solid classical inspirations, the guitar have much space supported by superb keyboards (hammond, minimoog, piano, spinetta) base and solos.