Clinic / Christophe - La Route De Salina (CD)




Flawed Gems





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Originally released 1970
CD reissue 2010 Flawed Gems

Sealed !

This original soundtrack (from the cult movie) was released in late 1970 by French Motors label. The fabulous music was created by the then unknown French-Canadian-British rock band Clinic (which was chosen after Pink Floyd weren't available), pop singer Christophe (present on just two tracks) and Bernard Gerard Orchestra (responsible for two classical interludes).
All the songs were sung in English, altough most of an album was filled with instrumental and truly amazing, early Pinkt Floyd-like psychedelic sounds (with hammond organ, mellotron, flute, hypnotic bass notes, whispering voices) combined with late 60's French/British pop tunes. With the exception of 'More' it's really hard to imagine a better movie soundtrack from the late 60's/earls 70's rock era!