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Christmas, Keith - Brighter Day & Stories From The Human Zoo (CD)




Red Fox Records





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2 original recordings on 1 CD:

- Brighter Day (1974)
- Stories From The Human Zoo ( 1976)

Re-issue 2005 Red Fox Records

Keith Christmas recorded his first album 'Stimulus' back in 1969 when he also played the acoustic guitar on David Bowie's first album 'Space Oddity' and appeared at the first Glastonbury Festival

throughout the seventies he recorded four more albums 'Fable of the Wings', 'Pygmy', Brighter Day' and 'Stories From the Human Zoo' while touring with and supporting acts like The Who, King Crimson, Ten Years After, Frank Zappa and Roxy Music

Tracklist (Brighter Day):

1. Brighter Day

2. Foothills
3. Country Farm
4. Bargees, The
5. Lovers Cabaret
6. Robin Head
7. Getting Religion
8. Could Do Better
9. Song Of A Drifter

Originally released on the Manticore label in 1974, this is the first of two Seventies solo albums released by Christmas. Features former King Crimson members Ian Macdonald, Mel Collins and Ian Wallace, and the production skills of Greg Lake and Pete Sinfield.

Tracklist: (Stories from the human zoo):
1. The Dancer
2. The Nature Of The Man
3. 3 Golden Rules
4. Souvenir Affair
5. The Last Of The Dinosaurs
6. The Astronaut
7. High Times
8. Tomorrow Never Ends
9. Life In Babylon

Reissue of second and final solo album by ex-Mighty Baby member originally released on Manticore Records in 1976. Engineered by Michael Boshears with arrangements by Cat Stevens and featuring an amazing array of American musicians like Steve Cropper, Donald 'Duck'Dunn, Snuffy Walden and more.