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Prog Rock



Originally released 1974

CD reissue 2020 Paisley Press

Chris NEAL is an Australian composer and multi instrumentalist who has done most of his tune smithing far from the world of progressive rock. His focus has been on soundtracks for movies and television for much of his 40 plus years in the music business. Many of us may inadvertently know of NEAL's work from him being the composer of the theme and other music from early episodes of the TV series "Farscape", performed by the NEAL family trio of Chris, Toby and Braedy under the name SUBVISION.

NEAL offers up large doses of Mellotron vibes, plus gives us passages where he could be mistaken for Mike OLDFIELD or David GREENSLADE or Keith EMERSON in the given moment as he takes on playing duties for almost all the instruments used. WOI is largely a keyboard-driven work, though NEAL proves he is a bona fide guitarist and drummer as well as someone prepared to put almost anything through the Mu-tron synthesiser.