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Original release 1971

Re-issue 2001 Red Fox Records

What ever happened to The Collectors, that fantastic Canadian '60's psych band? They became Chilliwack ! This stunning 2nd album from 1971 is their best release. Originally a double album it's a breathtaking mixture of rock and pop with an acid rock edge perfectly blending multi-layered harmonies, flute, acoustic instrumentation and ripping guitar work. The album covers all bases from experimental sound explorations through melodic West Coast styled acid rock, and folk rock. The centre piece is the 13 minute Changing Reels which is the most Collectors like piece on the album and includes a mind blowing guitar freakout.


1. Lonesome Mary
2. Eat
3. Rosie
4. Ridin'
5. Ride-Out
6. Always
7. Changing Reels
8. Music for a Quiet Time
9. Shine
10. Claps/Chants
11. Whistle/Flute Pads
12. Antiphony
13. Traveling Music
14. Sleep Music