Chains, The - The Beatles Of El Paso (CD)


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Initially gaining a modicum of fame in their home state of New York with the east coast surf/rock group The Dolphins, Roy and Tor Pinney eventually relocated to Texas and (both separately and together) found much greater success with The Chains, whose version of ‚"I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore‚" was a regional smash. Referred to as ‚"The Beatles of El Paso,‚" The Chains recorded four singles - all examples of 1960’s garage rock at its finest. This first ever compilation of the Pinney brothers’ ‘60’s music includes all of the 45s released by The Dolphins and The Chains as well as many never-before-heard and previously unreleased demos and acetates - along with additional bonus tracks that represent the earliest musical highlights of two very talented brothers.


16-page color booklet with detailed band history by Tor Pinney
20 songs - 10 never before issued!
Rare photos


1. It's A Shame
2. Cee C. Roc
3. A Walk In The Woods
4. How Do You Feel
5. I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
6. Has Anybody Seen My Freind
7. Animal Farm
8. I Should Have Stayed
9. Heading Up Heading Down
10. Come Tomorrow
11. Stop The World (I Want To Get Off)
12. You're In Love
13. She's Still A Mystery
14. Not Gonna Do It Tonight
15. No Good
16. Stingray
17. Endless
18. There Was A Time
19. I Should Have Stayed
20. Surfin' East Coast