Capaldi, Jim - Whale Meat Again + Bonus Track (CD)









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A beautiful mixing of modes - Jim Capaldi's Traffic-bred, London-styled vocals, and the sweet southern soul grooves of Muscle Shoals - all wrapped together with a sound that's even tighter than Capaldi's debut album! Jim's a big edgier here overall - both in the way he delivers the vocals, and in the lyrics of the tunes - and his singing's underscored perfectly by help from Jimmy Johnson on guitar, Barry Beckett on piano and organ, David Hood on bass, and Roger Hawkins on drums - all of whom create the right sort of warm Muscle Shoals vibe to make Capaldi's music sound wonderfully soulful. Steve Winwood plays a bit of guest organ on the set, and may well help with backing vocals - and titles include the funky Low Rider (different than the War tune) - plus We'll Meet Again, Summer Is Fading, My Brother, It's Alright, and Yellow Sun.

CD features the bonus track Tricky Dick Rides Again - previously only on a 7 single!
CD reissue Esoteric Records 2012
sealed !