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Originally released 1973
CD reissue 2016 SLIP & SLIDE LTD
Digitally remastered!

Sealed !

Butler were an all-Maori rock band, a very unusual thing back then.
All four members were originally from Rotorua, but the band actually performed in Christcurch in 1970. Predominately an underground group, they played their early gigs at the Open Door, before moving into Trevor Spitz's nightspot Aubrey's.

Having built a strong Christchurch following, the band took stabs at other South Island centres, returning to hometown Rotorua in 1971.
From there they began building up a North Island following, proving popular on the Univertiy circuit with their combination of originals and Led Zeppelin and Whishbone Ash covers.
Some television exposure followed with a spot on Happen Inn, Popco and Free Ride. This was fairly rare for and underground group and even with this they never really gained much pulling power.
In 1973 they recorded a self-titled album for Pye. It was released on the Family label an from it came the single Especially For You.