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Progressive Rock (UK)

Original release 1970
Re-issue Won Sin

An obscure psychedelic/progressive outfit. Their album is now a minor collectable. Despite the date, it sounds like it's from a couple of years earlier. Portcullis Gate veered towards progressive rock whilst its flip side owed more to early Pink Floyd. Farrell had previously been with Gun and many members had played with Please. After they split Keith Cross and Bernie Jinks formed T2; Keith later turned up in Cross & Ross.

Track Listing:

  1. Paper Man

  2. Broomstick Ride

  3. I Flew

  4. Eileen's Haberdashery Store

  5. Folder Men

  6. Dougal

  7. When The Sun Stands Still

  8. Reborn

  9. Friday Hill

  10. Silver

  11. You

  12. Top O The Pops Cock

  13. Revenge

  14. Austin Osmanspare

Louis Farrell - drums
Rod Harrison - guitar
Rob Hunt - flute, vocals
Bernie Jinks - bass
Nick Spencer - guitar
Keith Cross - guitar