Buffalo - Average Rock 'N' Roller (CD)









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Progressive Rock (AU)
Pre-Rose Tattoo
Original release 1977
Re-issue 1992 TRC

'My brief from the management was to sort 'em out and make a commercial record,' Chris Turner declares. The first thing the band did was to record 'Rollin'' and 'Hotel Ladies' as a single. The A-side in particular was an enticing effort, a loping slice of country-soul replete with Tice's heavily echoed vocals, a sing-a-long chorus, hand-claps and female backing vocals: perfectly suited for radio airplay. There are no two ways about it, Buffalo was a commercial entity by then yet the radio networks still refused to give their singles a spin! 'Hotel Ladies' on the flip side, with its slow-burning build up and rousing, guitar-heavy climax, held promise for an interesting album to come. Colin Stead joins as second guitarist, but leaves midway through his first tour. Pete Wells, frustrated by the new direction, leaves to form Rose Tattoo and is replaced by Ross Sims. Soon after, Buffalo break up -- a sad end to one of Australia's greatest-ever bands, but one whose legend has grown over the years.