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Buccaneer - Buccaneer (CD)









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It was in the late 70's when an unknown power rock & roll band came onto the scene in the midwest. No bio information, names or even album credits were released with their debut self titled, hard rock opera album entitled Buccaneer. The band also known as Buccaneer had huge success in the mid west market and their world debut concert at the Indianapolis Convention Center filled the arena for two nights in a row!The concept of the band and album was based around a pirate theme and a bloody quest for booty and riches. Buccaneer's virtuoso power rock licks and vocals captured in the studio, combined with the cloak and dagger mystery caught the attention of their fast growing fan base and brought it all to a fever pitch.Despite Buccaneer's huge regional success the country and the record industry was mired in a deep recession. During that period some of music's biggest names lost their deals and perhaps during a different time Buccaneer would have achieved its' rightful success on the world stage.Over the years, word slowly leaked out that Buccaneer was the brainchild of Jay Wilfong aka Dr. Fong, previously involved with the Baddest Band What Am Primevil. Wilfong to this day attributes much of the quality and success of the two bands to his long time friend and mentor, Moe Whittemore of 700 West Records. All of the songs were co-written and recorded by the founding members Jay Wilfong, Gary Dunn and Jerry DeRome.If you dig 70's power rock the Buccaneer will be a total treat for your ears. Eargasms await! Arrrrrrrrrrr!!