Brymers, The - Sacrifice + Bonus (CD)


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In 1964, Coast Artists and Diplomacy Records took a teen rock band named The de-Fenders and, for a publicity stunt, shaved their heads to capitalize on the success of then popular actor Yul Brynner. Renamed The Brymers (pronounced ‚"Brimmers‚"), the group became a popular backing band for many of the hit makers of the era and, in 1966, scored regionally with a composition of their own entitled ‚"I Want To Tell You‚". With the garage rock classic ‚"Sacrifice‚" as the B-side, the single conclusively proved that The Brymers didn’t need promotional gimmicks in order to prove they were a group to take notice of.

The Brymers Sacrifice CD is a collection of all the group's 1960's recorded output. Hear The Brymers classic hit of Sacrifice with the driving fuzz guitar, blues harmonica, Hmmond B3, and great harmonies.