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Brother Fox and the Tar Baby

Originaly released 1969
Re-issue Tone Arm

Garage Psych Rock With Excellent Fuzz Guitar.

Boston's Brother Fox and the Tar Baby featured the talents of former Profits and The Front Page Review guitarist Richie Bartlett, Pugsley Munion bassist Tom Belliveau, guitarist Dave Christiansen, drummer Bill Garr, singer Steve High. and keyboardist Joe Santangelo. One of the era's isolated multi-racial bands, the group were signed by the small Oracle label, which released 1969's Bruce Patch produced Brother Fox and the Tar Baby.


Electric Chair (Dave Christiansen)
Old Ladies (Dave Christiansen)
Steel Dog Men (Dave Christiansen)
Maxie the Meanie (Dave Christiansen)
We All Love Him (Dave Christiansen)
To Your Dreams (Dave Christiansen)
Three Tots and a Man (Dave Christiansen)
I Start To Cry (Dave Christiansen)
Metal Soldier (Dave Christiansen)
Mr. Sleepy (Dave Christiansen)
Crazy John (Dave Christiansen