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Brock, Dave and the Agents Of Chaos - The Agents Of Chaos + Bonus (CD)









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Studio Album, released in 1987

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Hi Tech Cities (4:15)
2. A Day (5:35)
3. In The Office (1:33)
4. Hades Deep (4:39)
5. Words Of A Song (1:37)
6. Heads (5:40)
7. Nocturne (2:32)
8. Wastelands Of Sleep (5:42)
9. Empty Dreams (4:26)
10. Infinity (4:13)
11. Mountain In The Sky (3:17)

Total Time 43:29

Dave Brock biography
English musician Dave BROCK is something of a living legend in the world of rock music, currently in his fifth decade as an active musician and composer.
He started out as a jazz musician way back when, and moved on to blues bands and busking before a fascination with electronics and guitar effects eventually lead to the formation of Hawkwind; at first a band assembled with musicians he'd come across while pursuing his earlier endeavours.

Although Hawkwind most of the time has been Dave Brock's musical vehicle, he has felt the need to issue the odd solo album as well over the years. He started recording material for a solo album in the 70's; and when it was quiet on the live front for Hawkwind in the early 80's these compositions as well as some new ones were given a polish and shine and the issued as Earthed to the Ground in 1984.

With a new lull in active live and studo duties for his main band in 1986, work started on a sophomore effort; which sw the light of day in 1987 as The Agents of Chaos.

The next few years were rather active for Hawkwind, but a few years into the 90's Hawkwind related affairs slowed down again; which gave Brock the opportunity to work with his third solo venture. The final resault was Strange Trips & Pipe Dreams issued in 1995.

In 2001 a fourth solo album; Memos and Demos; was issued. This wasn't a true solo album per se, but an album consisting of various compositions intended for Hawkwind; but in less elaborated versions - as indicated by the title of the album.

In 2003 Brock's first two solo albums were rereleased as a double CD with additional bonus tracks; and then in 2007 what arguably may be the most interesting solo release by Brock saw the light of day: The Brock/Calvert Project. On this (so far) latest creation Brock was asked to add music to recitals Calvert had made in 1986, at that point in time released on cassettes. As the computer on which Brock recorded these alternate versions of Calvert's readings crashed some of these recordings were lost, but the ones that survived finally made it to an album - 19 years after Calvert's death.