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Breakout is a Polish blues rock band.

The band was formed by most of the members of Blackout and led in its first years by Tadeusz Nalepa and his then life partner, singer Mira Kubasińska; its lineup changed many times over the years. Breakout's first performance took place at Musicorama festival in February 1968. In June the band toured Benelux; after returning to Poland, they became one of the most important Polish rock bands and arguably the first to play blues rock in Poland.

In January and February 1969 their song 'Gdybyś kochał, hej!' (slightly reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix' Hey Joe, but with a distinct Polish folk flavour) topped the radio chart list. Their first album 'Na drugim brzegu tęczy' was recorded with the famous jazzman Włodzimierz Nahorny, who played saxophone and flute. The album became an unpreceded event in Polish rock and gave Breakout many hits. However, the band found themselves under fire from Polish mass media for pro-Western lifestyle and Nalepa's long hair. As a result, the radio and TV stopped broadcasting their songs. Their second album '70a', released in 1970, was recorded with Józef Skrzek as bass player (later of SBB fame).

In 1971 Mira Kubasińska started a solo career (with Breakout musicians performing on her albums), while the band - now with Nalepa as lead vocal - pursued the more explicitly blues rock path. The 1971 album 'Blues' is considered by many to be the best of their career, and surely among the best LPs in Polish rock history. Their fourth album 'Karate' (1972) followed the same path and brought Breakout even more success (they would receive a Golden Disc for it in 1974). In 1973 the second solo album of Mira Kubasińska was released - 'Ogień', often counted among the band's greatest achievements.

Between 1973 and 1975 the band went on concert tours to the Soviet Union, East-Germany and even Holland. The fifth proper Breakout album, Kamienie, released in 1974, was arguably their last classic work. Mira Kubasińska rejoined the band in 1975, as one of many personnel changes at the time. Breakout would release two more proper albums 'NOL' and 'ZOL', as well as a special album Żagiel ziemi, conceived as part of a series of albums commemorating the Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow. The band ceased to exist in 1982 when Tadeusz Nalepa began a solo career.

Breakout is counted among Poland's top rock bands to this day, with festivals organized in their memory. Unfortunately, Mira Kubasińska died in 2005 from a stroke and Tadeusz Nalepa in 2007 from a kidney disease. Their son, Piotr Nalepa, is an accomplished guitarist and composer.

1.Jestem Zwyczajnym Mięśniem
2.Dlaczego Walczę
3.Ile Olimpiad
4.Rekord Jest Próbą
5.Żagiel Ziemi
6.To Nas Łączy
7.W Tłumie Stadionu
8.Historia Dysku
10.Nad Stadionem W Olimpii