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Original release 1970
Re-issue Second Harvest 2008
Digipak-CD !

Brainchild is a septet that recorded their sole album Healing Of The Lunatic Owl in western London in 1970 on the A&M label. The album contains sizzling brass rock, which must rank among the best of the genre (early Chicago and If), but also with the much more obscure and even more brilliant Warm Dust and Galliard. Brainchild’s line-up was basically your standard prog quartet, plus a three-man wind instrument section, including flute, sax, trumpet and trombone.

Track Listings

Side 1
1. Autobiography (3:46)
2. Healing Of The Lunatic Owl (5:20)
3. Hide From The Dawn (7:12)
4. She's Learning (4:23)
5. A Time A Place (9:16)
6. Two Bad Days (4:08)
7. Sadness Of A Moment (4:18)
8. To B (4:01)

Total Time: 40:33


- Harvey Coles / bass, vocals
- Bill Edwrds / lead guitar, vocals
- Dave Muller / drums
- Chris Jennings / organ, piano
- Brian Wilshaw / saxophone, flute
- Lloyd Williams / trumpet