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Both Hands Free - Both Hands Free (CD)




Paisley Press





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Originally released 1976
CD reissue 2015 Paisley Press

Digitally remastered !
Sealed !

A very nice spacey UK jazz fusion combo that reminds of mid-period Nucleus or the Scottish band Head with nods to the bigger players like Weather Report et al. Fits right in with that clique and all the better for it. It is not lightweight, rather this combo gives the pieces space to breathe and adds just the right amount of fire to keep the audience aware that they were capable of bringing it when needed.

As a band 'Both Hands Free' have a courious attitude to their music.
'It's music for the moment' they say 'only ever the same once, and dictatd enitrely by mood.'

It was during a tour with my own band that a friend and exmusical colleague invited me to see 'an amazing jazz group' that played in the basement of a Manchester pub every Sunday morning.
Before setting off for the next town we went into the small crowded cellar for a pint, and to see the amazing 'Both Hands Free'. I was spellbound by their dazzling musicianship and complex arrangments that, unlike their con temporaries, 'swung'.

After preliminiary approaches that afternoon we eventually agreed that it yould be good to record them; this we did some weeks afterwards at Fairview Music in Hull, with the enclosed results. The band were not sure thet this records should be released -just one moment of their music- but I thought that all the moments that I heard should be shared by as many people as possible and so here they are - the amazing 'Both Hands Free'.
- Rick Kemp - Producer


Pete Glennon - Bass
Dave Hassel - Drums
Ritchie Close - Keyboards
Rick Kemp - Producer
Phil Chapman - Saxophone


1) Space 6:16
2) Gettemoff 5:58
3) Shinohara 2:32
4) Solitude 4:38
5) Silver Sleeve 4:32
6) Phobos 4:32
7) City Slickers 5:54
8) Muff The Driver 3:12
9) Blue 5:06
10) Stop The Music 6:30