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Blodwyn Pig - BBC Sessions 1969-1974 (CD)




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Recorded 1969-1974
CD 2015 Lumpy Gravy Records

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BLODWYN PIG plays a fusion of heavy progressive blues and jazz, with Jack Lancaster's brass and woodwind providing most of the distinctive jazz colourings. Abrahams asserts that Lancaster ''brought a mixture of hard hybrid jazz-rock to the album.'' Lancaster was influenced, as was Ian Anderson, by American jazz multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Lancaster often played two horns simultaneously in the manner of his idol, and when combined with his liberal use of overdubs the overall effect sounded like a brass section playing on the albums.
All Music describes their music as ''a stellar concoction of gritty yet flamboyant blues-rock and open-ended jazz'', and in spite of being a bit rough around the edges several tracks would be quite at home on early JETHRO TULL albums.


1. Ain't Ya Coming Home, Babe
2. The Modern Alchemist
3. Mr. Green's Blues
4. It's Only Love
5. The Change Song
6. Worry
7. Somebody Just Like Me
8. Moon's Gone (by Blodwyn)
9. The Lady Of Liberty (by Blodwyn)
10. Baby Girl
11. Leaving Song
12. Blues Of A Dunstable Truck Driving Man
13. See My Way (live)
14. I Know (live)
15. Cosmografication (live)
16. Six Days On The Road (live)
17. It's Only Love (live)

Tracks 1-4 recorded in London for 'Top Gear' on 24th March 1969.
Track 5 recorded in London for 'Symonds On Sunday' on 24th Feburary 1969.
Tracks 6-7 recorded in London for 'Sounds Of The Seventies' on 4th March 1970.
Tracks 8-9 recorded in London for 'Sounds Of The Seventies' on 23rd September 1970.
Tracks 10-12 recorded in London for 'Sounds Of The Seventies' on 17th June 1974.
Tracks 13-17 recorded live at the Golders Green Hippodrome, London on 15th August 1974.

Line Up:

Mick Abrahams - guitars, vocals, harmonica
Jack Lancaster - tenor and soprano saxophones, flute, violin
Andy Pyle - bass guitar
Ron Berg - drums on tracks 1-9
Clive Bunker - drums on tracks 10-17