Bib Set - It Wasn't Meant To Happen... (CD)




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Originally released 1969
CD reissue 2015 Paisley Press

Digitally remastered !
Sealed !

This is anything but sterile, on the contrary it is highly atmospheric.
The Hammond/Leslie is right at the front of the mix and dominates proceedings, supplemented by some jazzy piano.
All in all this is a moody and heavy progressive rock set, with loads of fat Hammond organ, slight blues influences, especially in the affected vocals and quite a bit of jazzy sequences including a couple of lifted parts from famous jazz sessions.

It wasn't meant to happen...
These are true words... an LP Recorded in eight hours.
A quit outstanding feat from three young musicians from the south of Sweden. They have a musical understanding between them that is quite fantastic.
A deep human group...
None of these falseties that we all find in the world.
~ Adrian Moar


Björn Ingvar Björnsson - Guitar, Vocals
Hans Eng - Organ
Roland Gärdh - Drums
Tommy Tillman - Vocals, Bass


1) It All Comes Out Of Nothing 4:00
2) Pythagorean Child No.2 / Arrival In Time 5:58
3) Work Song 7:26
4) Pythagorean Child No.2 / Communications In Five 4:44
5) Tears From A Black Angel 13:36