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Flawed Gems





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Originally released in 1969
CD Reissue 2014 Flawed Gems
+ 5 bonus tracks

One of the first acts signed to the newly-founded, British Harvest label in 1969, Bakerloo were very much a product of their time, a hard-hitting progressive blues trio with brilliant guitarist. Their only album was released in November 1969 and mixed some great Ten Years After-style, fast guitar playing, a Fleetwood Mac-like, slow blues numbers (complete with atmospheric vocals) and amazing heavy blues jams in Cream/early Led Zeppelin vein. Unfortunately their existence cut short by guitarist Dave Clempson jumping ship to Colosseum and remaining two members to form heavy rock trio May Blitz. The drummer Keith Baker later played on Uriah Heep’s ‚"Salisbury‚" album. This CD edition was carefully remastered from the original, analogue source and expanded with 5 rare bonus tracks!