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Black Rose





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Australian Band feat. Billy Thorpe

Original release 1971

Recorded live at the Melbourne 1971

Re-issue 2004 Black Rose

The Aztecs were formed from the combination of the Vibratones, an instrumental band from Sydney, and vocalist Billy Thorpe. This band didn't remain together for very long, but the entrepreneurial Thorpe quickly formed a new band under the same name. The second incarnation of Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs comprised some of the best session musicians of the time, and played mainly middle-of-the-road rock and ballads. After the break up of the second band, Thorpe spent some time mastering guitar, and thinking about the musical approach for his next band. In 1968, the Aztecs rose again, this time comprising well known musicians and with a blues/R&B sound. This band endured through numerous line-up changes until finally breaking up when Thorpe left to travel to the USA.

1. Somebody Left Me Crying
2. Time To Live
3. Be-Bop-A-Lula
4. Momma
a) Part 1
b) Drum Solo
c) Part 2