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Aucan - Aucan & Brotes Del Alba (2on1 CD)




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2on1 CD



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AUCÁN are a late 70’s band from Argentina who blend symphonic rock with folk and classical influences. The original line-up was an all family affair consisting of the four Perez brothers: Eugenio and Miguel both handling vocals and guitar, assisted by younger brothers Diego on drums and Pablo on bass, keyboards and vocals. They released two albums in 1977 and 1980 and then split up.

Both the eponymous first release and the better-known ‚"Brotes Del Alba‚" are made up of smooth, well-structured melodies with frequent folk incursions, lots of acoustic instrumentation and elegant guitar passages. Perhaps on account of the more prominent keyboards, the second album is slightly more symphonic and features several guest musicians who bring the band’s sound up a notch with their use of cello, mini-moog, oboe, English horn, harmonica and baroque flute among other instruments. Lyrics are sung in Spanish. Nothing groundbreaking here but well executed overall.

Fans of SAGRADO, CELESTE and perhaps Camel will feel at home with this band, especially with the second album.

Studio Album, released in 1977

Track Listings

1. Melodia de un saludo
2. Canto al si
3. Anonimo que va
4. Para chocolate
5. Preludio de arejandro
6. Cueca de los augurios
7. Para alguien que no esta
8. Tristeza y miel (dialogo en el tren)
9. Poema tuyo
10. Dia suburbano


- Diego Perez / drums
- Eugenio Perez / guitar, vocals
- Miguel Perez / guitar, vocals
- Pablo Perez / bass, keyboards, vocals

Brotes Del Alba
Studio Album, released in 1980

Track Listings

1. Llegando A Casa (3:35)
2. Primavera De Una Esquina (6:45)
3. Cancion De Mi Padre (3:40)
4. Hacia El Destierro (5:10)
5. Tres De Octubre (6:40)
6. Mi Amor Y Yo Contra Todos Los Que Rayen (3:15)
7. Misterio Azul (6:45)

Total Time: 35:50


- Eugenio J. Perez / vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar, charango
- Diego J. Perez / drums, percussion
- Guillermo Franchetti / vocals, guitar
- Pablo C. Perez / vocals, bass, keyboards, cello

- Charley Garcia / mini-moog on 7
- Leon Gieco / harmonica on 1,
- Migel Perez / baroque flute on 5, 6
- Dino Saluzz / bandneon on 3, 7
- Tucuta Gordillo / sikus on 4
- Leon Mames / oboe on 2, English horn on 2