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Original release 1974
Re-issue 2008 Lion Records
Digipak !!!

Track Listings

1. Atlantis (5:15)
2. Woodsman (7:36)
3. Death man (5:27)
4. Fly-the-night (4:36)
5. My friend (3:59)
6. Atlas (8:15)

Total Time: 35:08


- Joe DiFazio / organ, piano, electronic piano, harpsichord, Mellotron, Moog synthesizer, guitar, bass, foot bass pedals, lead - and backing vocals
- Royce Gibson / drums, tympani, bass drum, gong, ratchet, concert snare and backing vocals


This USA duo formed in Cleveland during the early/mid 70’s by Royce Gibson on drums and the multi instrumentalist Joe DiFazio on everything else. Their style is mostly the blending of Symphonic influences like CAMEL, ELP, etc with some Fusion and a bit of the sound of the MOODY BLUES and Hard Rock by moments.

Their first and only LP is the 1974 self titled album released by the label ‚"Deutsche Harmonia Mundi‚". the eclectic sound of this album has very characteristic features like the excellent vocals close to a blend of Psyche and Pop plus a hard edged guitar that reminds of Early ELP or THE NICE with a touch of CAMEL.

But this isn’t all, in tracks as ‚"Friends‚" we can finds some heavy rock influence similar to URIAH HEEP or DEEP PURPLE, others closer to ATOMIC ROOSTER like ‚"Atlantis, plus atmospheric touches like in the incredible ‚"Woodsman‚" that also blends some Jazzy leanings, strange but this last track reminds me a bit of the KING CRIMSON's masterpiece In the Court of the Crimson King‚"

The lush keyboard arrangements including piano, organ and mellotron and the varied mixture of sounds and styles are perfect for the taste of the most demanding Progressive Rock fans

This eclectic album with a clear classical orientation (As their name clearly isuggest) is considered one of the earliest examples of USA Progressive rock and deserves to be listened by progheads.

Couldn’t find what happened with the two members of ATLANTIS PHILARMONIC when they disbanded but at least since the 90's we can get their lonely release in CD format.

Some places consider them Symphonic, others Psyche or even Jazz oriented, but the important thing is that they recorded an excellent album that must be in every Prog Rock collection, an excellent addition for almost any sub-genre but much closer to Symphonic.

Iván Melgar Morey - Perú