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Atila - Intención & Reviure (2on1 Digipack)






2on1 Digipack



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2 originals on 1 CD:

- Intención (1976)
- Reviure <Revivir> (1977)

Re-issue 2009 Mandala


CD: Intencion
1. Intención
2. Cucutila
3. Día Perfecto
4. El Principio del Fin

CD: Reviure
1. Reviure
2. Somni
3. Atila
4. Al Mati


CD: Intencion
- Eduardo A. Niebla / guitar
- Miguel A. Blasco / bass
- Juan Punet / drums
- Benet Nogue / organ, mellotron, piano, moog, voice
- Juan Vidal / sound effect

CD: Reviure
- Eduardo Alvarez / guitar
- Juan Puñet / drums
- Jean P. Gomez / bass
- Benet Nogur / keyboards

Atila biography
The Spanish band ATILA was formed in '73 by Eduardo Biebla (guitar), Joan Punyet (drums) and Paco Ortega (keyboards), soon several personnel changes followed. This legendary and highly acclaimed progrock band made three LP's: The Beginning Of The End ('75), Intencion ('76) and Reviure ('77). At the end of '78 the band dissolves but in '99 they reformed with Joan Punyet (drums), Benet Nogue (keyboards), Ignasi Bosch (guitar), Pere Martinez (bass) and Joan Cardoner (guitar). In the same year this ATILA line-up did a reunion-concert, playing their best material. The sound of ATILA has elements from VANILLA FUDGE, CREAM, The NICE and ELP but in general ... it's ATILA!

The remastered second album Intencion (considered as their best) and a concert from '99 are put on 1-CD (entitled Atila: Intencion + Reviure), this is a treat for the lovers of 'vintage-keyboards' (Hammond, Moog, Mellotron) with some mindblowing moments (swirling organ and fat Moog runs) but the guitarwork is also worth listening, a bit harder-edged but very inventive, at some moments with a Spanish flavour. The songs from the live-concert ('99) are more original and belong to the best Spanish progrock ever made: intense, compelling and exciting climates and shifting moods (a bit like the Italian IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO but less complex) with lots of great solos. Reviure is a masterpiece for the fan of Continental European progressive music. BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!!!