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Black Widow Records 2010
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AREKNAMÉS are a new Italian band that will bring you straight back into the magical 70's. Strongly influenced by both VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR and the Canterbury scene, they are nevertheless free of any clichés and successfully manage to mix those influences with their own very personal style. They are masterminded by composer, producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Michele Epifani who handles the Hammond organ, piano, mellotron, synths, harpsichord, acoustic and electric guitars as well as the recorder. Their first album, released by Black Widow in 2003, is made up of six fairly long tracks that feature a lot of mellotron, which plays a prominent role in the arrangements along with some heavy guitar riffs. All tracks feature many dramatic mood changes, constantly alternating between melodic parts and furious passages, between classic symphonic rock and outright 'doom' prog, never staying long in anyone spot. It is a well-balanced and consistent album, featuring a good vocalist (who sounds much like Peter Hammill) and great musicians who obviously concentrate on creativity rather than a show of technical prowess. A second and more acclaimed album was released in 2006 with a live album in 2007. Their second album Love hate round trip won an award at ProgAwards 2006-which is where the displayed photo is from. The third album In Case of Loss is another magical trip through the '70's dark, dramatic, symphonic atmospheres of progressive rock influenced by VDGG, Canterbury scene, Still Life, Quatermass, Indian Summer...and contains a wonderful suite almost 20 minutes long, and some beautiful arrangements of violin, cello and saxophone! If you enjoy the dark or heavy style of VDGG and their likes, but can do without the ultra speed factor, you'll certainly enjoy ARKENAMÉS.