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Arco Iris - Los Elementales (CD)


Jazz Rock / Latin Fo


Disco es Cultura





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Progressive (Argentina)

Original release 1977

ARA TOKATLIAN - Saxs, flutes, mini moog, synths, piano and vocals
GUILLERMO BODARAMPE - Bass, acoustic guitar and vocals
IGNACIO ELISAVETSKY - Guitars and vocals
JOSÉ LUIS PÉREZ - Drums, percussion and vocals
DANA - Vocals

In January 1970 Arco Iris’ history started with the legendary song Blues de Dana the first award at the International Beat Festival of Mar del Plata.
Then they started with concerts, tours in the country and a long discography: Arco Iris, Tiempo de resurrección, Suit Nº 1 Danais, Ópera Sudamérica o el regreso de la Aurora (presented in River Plate Stadium, 1972), Inti Raymi and Agitor Lucens V (presented in Paris and Buenos Aires with the choreography of Oscar Araiz). In 1975 and after Gustavo Santaolalla decide to leave the band and Horacio Gianello, the new member Arco Iris released tow memorable albums: Inspiración (with Enrique Mono Villegas) and Los elementales. In 1977, after an unprecedented tour throughout the country, Arco Iris with Dana and Ara Tokatlian together with Guillermo Bordarampe (who would later leave in 1982) traveled to Los Angeles to settle down there for good and they continued their creative and career from that place
Arco Iris, today like yesterday, by means of their original jazz-rock fusion with rhythm and South American instruments show their ideas of Peace, Love and Action. In this new American phase, Arco Iris has the creative participation of musicians such as Alex Acuña, Chester Thompson, Milcho Leviev, Joe Heredia, and Bill Childs among others. Dana, with her permanent guidance and spiritual vision, has also joined the group adding magic to their composition, her voice and a vast collection of instruments of percussion. A busy agenda of more than 120 presentations per year including concerts in Theatres (Shrine Auditorium, Hollywood Bowl, John Anderson Ford, Mark Taper Forum, Wadsworth Theatre, etc.) jazz clubs (Troubador, The Lighthouse, Baked Potato, Come Back Inn, etc.) and universities (UCLA, USC, Cal State L.A., UC Redlands, Utah State University, Loyola University, Woodbury College, etc.).
Arco Iris released in the beginning independently and then as artists of Passport Jazz and Polygram a wide discography which reflects their musical evolution newly enriched with New Age sounds and World Music: Amigos, Fiesta, Exploring South America, Blue Pheasant, Condor, Peace Pipes, Alive in Venice, In memoriam, Peace will save the rainbow (this CD renamed La paz salvará el arco iris and released in Argentina in 1997 by the record company Jazz y Fusión.
It is important to point out that these projects were recorded and produced by Dana and Ara in their own studio Danara in Blue Jay, California.
Ara Tokatlian with saxes, flutes and Andean earphones participated in the recording of the soundtrack of countless films: Mariana (with Sofía Loren), Miss Two universes (with Shirley Mc Laine), Kinjite (with Charles Bronson), Extreme Prejudice (with Nick Nolte), Bat 21 (with Gene Hackman), Stand and deliver (with James Olmos), etc. and artistically collaborated with renowned composers like Lalo Schifrin, Chris Young, Craig Safan and Ry Cooder among others. They also composed the music for the plays Bocon and The beatific poet shown for the first time at the Mark Taper Forum of Los Angeles an ,d at the Kennedy Center of Washington.
In 1995 Ara Tokatlian collaborated in the recording of the CD No boundaries of the Jamaican group Native produced by Herb Albert and Lou Adler. In this opportunity he met the famous Harry Belafonte joining his band and making a tour of 35 concerts in 10 countries and 30 European cities.
Since 1985 and once a year, Dana and Ara with the new Arco Iris return to Argentina to get in contact with their public giving concerts in radio and television as well as in important theatres in the cities of Córdoba, San Miguel de Tucumán, Río Grande, Bahía Blanca, Mar del Plata, Necochea, Balcarce, Lobería, Posadas and Buenos Aires.
Arco Iris, today like yesterday, is also a human group. From their centenary cottage in the mountains of San Bernardino, California, Dana and Ara surrounded by live in peace and harmony sending in their music a message of hope.