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This is the story of three young friends, who travel from Greece to France in search of a better creative environment. Back in 1968 a military regime has taken over the government in Greece and just as many other Greek artists, Vangelis Papathanassiou, Demis Roussos and Lucas Sideras decide to leave their country. A fourth friend, Argyris Koulouris has to stay behind to fulfil his army duty. Although aiming to travel to England, Vangelis, Demis and Lukas first get in trouble as they are not allowed to enter the UK due to their work-permits, and then get stuck in Paris due to a transportation strike. By that time they decide to stay in Paris, and sign up with the Mercury record label as the band Aphrodite's Child, with the help of Pierre Sberro.

Their first single Rain and tears, released in May 1968, immediately strikes gold and becomes a huge hit worldwide. The song plays in France during the student riots, and is an instant success in France and other countries in Europe. Due to the success of the single it is time to record a full album End of the world. The title song of the album, released in October 1968, becomes the second single of Aphrodite's Child. A third single Valley of sadness is also shortly issued in France, but later quickly withdrawn.

Tracklist and Credits

  1. End of the world
  2. Don't try to catch a river
  3. Mister Thomas
  4. Rain and tears
  5. The grass is no green
  6. Valley of sadness
  7. You always stand in my way
  8. The shepherd and the moon
  9. Day of the fool

All songs composed by E. Papathanassiou.
All lyrics written by Boris Bergman.

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