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Antonius Rex - Per Viam (Vinyl)




Black Widow





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Studio Album, released in 2009

Track Listings

Micro Demons 5:05
Per Viam 6:39
Woman of the King 8:52
Spectra 7:56
Angels and Demons 7:49
UFDEM 6:28
Antonius Rex Prophecy 11:14


Antonio Bartoccetti - guitar, vocal, composition
Doris Norton - keyboards, computer, composition
Florian Gorman - drums
Monika Tasnad - medium
RexAnthony - synth

Releases information

Recorded at Musik Research Studio 2009
Black Widow Records CD and LP
Arranged and mixed by Doris Norton

The Antonius Rex mystic-dark band was founded by the eclectic philosopher-composer-guitarist Antonio Bartoccetti and the experimental sound enginneer Doris Norton and is considered by the international critics as the most authoritative band of the deeper metal dark sound. The band is characterized by the unique parapsychological style of the works, esotheric messages, fight against pollution and against any kind of war. Antonio Bartoccetti also is the founder of the Jacula cult group who released the albums In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum, Tardo Pede in Magiam Versus and Pre Viam. Among the Antonius Rex' absolute cult albums a special mention goes to Neque Semper Arcum Tendit Rex , Praeternatural and Magic Ritual (published by Warner Chappel, 2005). In the 2006 Antonius Rex releases the superb album Switch on Dark: a composition work prolonged for two years , concepted as an extreme mystyc experience, a path for the next generations. The obscure songs in Switch on Dark are six, among wich there are the omonym 'Switch on Dark', the irreal fantastic 'Perpetual Adoration' (also included in the album as video clip), the terrifyc 'Darkotic' and the special 'Fairy Vision'. In the 2009 Antonius Rex releases the new album Per Viam (7 songs + video in perfect style Antonius Rex progressive dark mystic esoteric sound).