Antonius Rex - Hystero Demonopathy (Vinyl)


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Black Widow





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released in 2012
Black Widow Records
sealed !

Hystero Demonopathy is the result of an esoteric research, made by Antonio Bartoccetti, on DEMONIC HYSTERIA, considered as a psychiatric event by some people and as esoteric-magic by others. Historically a psichiatric disorder or demonic esoteric disorder is marked by excitability, irritability, dark confusion, mystic demonomania, misbehavior and emotional extremes, occurring mainly in possessed women. From the point of view of music Hystero Demonopathy is a multisound-multistyles of concentrate fusion: gothic, classic, post-classic,dark, doom, metal, impressionist, progressive, post-progressive, after-rock.... with micro electronic inventions and perseverant events.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Hystero Demonopathy
2. Suicide Goth
3. Are Mine
4. Disincantation

1. Demonic Hysteria
2. The Devils Nightmare
3. Witches
4. The Fatal Letter
5. Possaction (integral document)