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Original release 1975
Re-issue Edsel

Amazing Blondel is an English acoustic progressive folk band, consisting of Eddie Baird, John Gladwin, and Terry Wincott. They released a number of LPs for Island Records in the early 1970s. They are sometimes categorised as Psych folk or as Medieval folk rock, but their music was much more a reinvention of Renaissance music, based around the use of period instruments such as lutes and recorders.


Prelude [2:19]
Leaving of the Country Lover [4:15]
Young Man's Fancy [5:18]
Easy Come, Easy Go [3:30]
Solo [2:38]
Sailing [4:32]
Lesson One [3:00]
Festival [4:25]
Weaver's Market [3:44]
Depression [3:25]

* Note: the CD reissue has the
same musical pieces recorded in
the LP, just two more track
markers were added; the booklet
CD cover has all the original
artwork, but focused on the
central part.

All compositions written by Edward Baird
Published by Island Music
Musicians: Eddie Baird - vocals, guitar
Terry Wincott - vocals , guitar, percussion, flute, crumhorn, piano, recorders
+ Paul Rodgers - vocal
+ Steve Winwood - bass
+ Sue Glover - vocal
+ Sunny Leslie - vocal
+ Simon Kirke - drums
+ Adrian Hopkins - harpsichord and string arrangements
+ Jack La Roche - strings conductor