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Originally released 1977
CD reissue 2016 Paisley Press

Remastered !
Sealed !

Alpha Ralpha’s debut and only record holds a flame for the Progressive Rock of the early seventies but they manage to execute it in a more modern way and still hold true to the template.

Mixing various styles and themes throughout a spacey synthesizer drenched backdrop, we are treated to a Pink Floydian extension of arrangements that display galloping pace fusion at times (Synergie, Nova) and an almost Berlin School Progressive Electronic ambiance at others (Syrtis Major).
The entire recording is instrumental but is littered with the occasional choral harmonies that are used nicely to bridge tracks.
It is quite a brilliant record when one sits with it a couple of times.


Synergie 4:05
Nova 5:48
Syrtis Major 2:19
Genese 8:11
Rez 3:45
Gothic 0:34
Magellan 7:29
Lagune Ouest 3:43
Hymn 4:39


Charlie Charriras
Claude Alvarez-Pereyre
Emmanuel Lacordaire
Jean-Alain Gardet
Michel Mareska