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Alpha Centauri - Alpha Centauri (Vinyl)


Hard Prog Rock


Acid Nightmare





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Original release 1977
Vinyl reissue 2012 Acid Nightmare Records

Alpha Centauri was formed in Greeley Colorado, USA in 1971. The
three founding members included: Jess Redmon on guitar, Randy Thompson on keyboards and lead vocals, and Kurt Smith on drums. Garth Hannum joined the band early 1975. During the 12 years of it's existence, the band performed it's signature ‚"hard driving‚" rock at numerous clubs and concert halls throughout the Midwestern United States and Canada. While most of these gigs were as headliner, the band did open for many national recording artists.

After gathering a strong fallowing in the US, the band moved to Canada, where they continued to perform extensively. It was here that the band began to write and perform more original material. This culminated with the release in 1977, of their long awaited album simply entitled ‚"Alpha Centauri‚".

With the release of the album came more concerts as well as several radio and television appearances. The highlight was the Canadian TV special ‚"Alpha Centauri in Concert‚". The band had hopes of entering the U.K. market, but problems with management coupled with road ‚"burnout‚" they returned to their home base in the United States.

Kicking off an appearance on Denver's ‚"Rock ‘n’ Roll America‚" the band continued performing until their break up in 1983. Garth Hannum resides in Texas, but the rest of the band continue to live in or near Greeley.

The legend of Alpha Centauri can be traced directly back to Derek Oliver. As a writer for the Kerrang and one of the authors of the International Encyclopedia of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, his statement that Alpha Centauri are the Worlds best undiscovered pomp band started fans scowering the globe for copies of the album.