Alain Buro - Fume, C'est Du Belge (CD)


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Originally released 1975

CD reissue 2022 Paisley Press



A Belgian multi-instrumentalist / singer / composer Alain BURO is one of obscure and one-off artists in the world (and sadly almost forgotten in his own nation). In collaboration with some session musicians, he's recorded material in 1975 in Brussels and released as an album "Fume, C'est Du Belge" in the same year.

Primarily in the singer-songwriter tradition (vocal heavy), all in French, but with breaks that recall the progressive rock masters. Hard to avoid comparisons to groups like Ange and Mona Lisa, though Buro's work is more straightforward than that might imply. Hints of folk and even AOR can be heard.

Overall a nice record, that will appeal to fans of French language rock.