Airlord - Clockwork Revenge (CD)




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Originally released 1975
CD reissue 2015 Paisley Press

Digitally remastered !
Sealed !

This is the progrock from Wilmington, New Zealand! This five-piece band that was rooted in '76 and disbanded in '78 has delivered an amazing album.
Airlord are one of the more original late 70s progressive bands. They emerged with a pretty crazy bent on classic era Genesis. The vocals are most reminiscent of Gabriel, whereas the guitars play in a more hard rock style, with an occasional blazing solo.
The keys (organ, synthesizer, Mellotron) and compositions aren't as complex as classic Genesis, but Clockwork Revenge is a refreshing take on a classic idea.


Steve Mackenzie - Vocals, 2nd Lead Guitar, Rythm
Raymond Simenauer - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rythm
Brad Murray - Harmony Vocals, Bass Guitar
Alan Blackburn - Keyboards
Rick Mercer - Drums, Percussion


1) Clockwork Revenge 6:41
2) Pictures In A Puddle 4:05
3) Ladies Of The Night 9:50
4) Earthborn Pilgrim 4:59
5) Out Of The Woods 7:03
6) Is It Such A Dream 5:13
7) You Might Even Be 4:24