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Studio Album, released in 2001

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Avalanche Part 1 (7:40)
2. Nightflight (5:24)
3. Rien Ne Vas Plus (7:51)
4. Don't Look Back (8:45)
5. Helping-Hand-Song (7:45)
6. Loser (7:05)
7. Fire Behind Bars (5:47)
8. Avalanche Part 2 (6:58)

Total Time: 50:17

Line-up / Musicians

- Jürgen Wimpelberg / keyboards, vocals, guitars, drum programming
- Manfred Heilmann / vocals, guitars
- Rainer Niklowitz / drums, percussion
- Reinhard Schulte / bass
- Robert Valet / acoustic guitars
- Peter Terhoeven / guitars
- Pattrick Pelzer / vocals

Releases information

CD Musea Records FGBG 4398.AR (2001)

Abacus biography
ABACUS is surely a big name for everyone interested in rock music. The band formed in 1971 made their breakthrough at the Germersheim rock festival, where ABACUS drew not less applause from the 300,000 visitors than PINK FLOYD, SANTANA or ELP which appeared on stage as well. Jürgen Wimpelberg takes on himself to play keyboards, guitars, drum programming as well as vocals.

After a lengthy absence from the recording scene, German band are back with a new album, Fire Behind Bars. They develop Pop melodies into a wide instrumental manner, with gorgeous neo-classical and symphonic sequences. In a vein near GENESIS, GREENSLADE or PINK FLOYD. ABACUS offers a modern and attractive Progressive Rock music.