$27 Snap On Face - Heterodyne State Hospital (Vinyl)







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Originally released in 1977
Vinyl Reissue 2015 O-Music

eingeschweißt-sealed !

$27 Snape on Face - They released one album in 1977 called ‚"Heterodyne State Hospital‚" on the independent label, Heterodyne Records. Their sound was actually fairly straightforward prog / rock with a few alternative gems thrown in for good measure. Sounding like an early Frisco hippie act fronted by Frank Zappa, the focus here is sublime and not so much about musicality as it is lyrical content. If weird cult bands are your thing, then you’ll surely find something to love about $27 Snape on Face. This elusive piece of west coast psychedelic is, if anything, something you’re not likely to ever forget.