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Hard Rock (Peru)

Original release 1970
Re-issue 2006
+ 7 Bonus Tracks !!!


Mark Aguilar - lead vocals, bass guitar, piano
Ego Aguirre - lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars,
organ, backing vocals
Miguel Flores - drums & percussion, backing vocals
Jaime Moreno - lead & backing vocals

String arrangements by Enrique Lynch.
Produced by Pax.
Recorded by Manuel Bellido
at Radio Studio 1, Lima, Peru.

Pax's only self-titled album was originally released on the Peruvian MAG label in the middle of 1970.

The Album. First of all I'd like to say you that Mark Aguilar (who is Peruvian) more than thirty years ago sung in English better that a lot of contemporary non-English language vocalists, while his voice reminds me Dan McCafferty's of Nazareth. Secondly, it is more than hard to believe it, but Pax's only self-titled album, composed and performed in the first half of 1970, musically can't be compared to any of the bands that, at the time, were also performing Progressive Hard Rock (Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Clear Blue Sky, etc). And you may not believe me (until you check Pax's CD out and listen to it), but musically, structurally, stylistically (by all means!), the Pax album sounds like a forerunner (the older first cousin from South America?) of both the most commercially successful (not only, though) albums of Nazareth (Rampant, 1974) and Sweet (Fanny Adams, 1974). Especially interesting is that the debut albums of both of these UK bands were released in 1971! Also, as well as in the case(s) of Rampant and Fanny Adams albums, about half of the songs of Pax sound squarely in the vein of traditional Hard Rock of the 1970 (i.e. with heavy, strong, quite diverse and, vigorously, very power riffs with a few of guitar solos between vocal parts), and another half of them are, compositionally, fully corresponding to the term of Progressive Hard Rock (where there are a lot of changes of vocal and instrumental themes, tempos, and rich instrumental arrangements as well).