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Re-issue 2010 Almakarma Records
Limited Edition 500 copies
Sealed !!!

Pi Corp features the early works and innovative sounds of electronic music Pi'oneer Alan Howarth. Alan began his musical career in Cleveland playing with bands like 'The Tree Stumps', 'The Renaissance Faire', 'The Silk', and the first electronic band in Cleveland called 'Braino'. Howarth went on to become one of the most sought after composer / sound designers in Hollywood. Also featured are some unforgettable and strangely haunting vocals by Woody Leffel; formerly of RCA recording artist Granicus. Woody plates a unique slice of Pi with the raw vocal style of Robert Plant and an improvisational storytelling style that he coined as speech-sing. The whole Pi Corp mission was to create music and lyrics spontaneously. With the exception of Together and Just Another Song, our only two attempts at songwriting, and the two tracks with Marilyn, everything on the CD was conceived and played with absolutely no prior discussion or rehearsal. it was recorded just as it happened says the guitarist Guy Bickel. The additional bonus tracks give the listener a much better sense of the evolving band and their mission. Pieces such as Rock N Roll Show and Never Sell Out on You, show off the extraordinary, improvisational talents of Woody Leffel. Let Them Eat Pi, Organic, and Hash Market is Alan at his synthesizer best. GATEFOLD COVER + INSERT!