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Original released 1983

Vinyl Reissue 2007 Guerssen Records

Let we go with similar mood, aprox. 1.5 years ago i sent the first album from them..they are one of my fav. here is a copy/paste from this album Pererin is one of the noticible band from the past. a lady with a great voice sings the songs with traditional instruments at the background that implemented to rock form. nowadays most of the albums stands for 1 good song and crap others. well when you get the album you will notice every song is unique and a review it says it was released in 1980, and is sung in the Welsh language by both male and female singers, featuring many Celtic influences and adding some great electric lead guitar, as well as flute and violin work. An unsung classic in the folk-rock genre..Keep Listening!

1. Llosgi Yn Fflam (Burn Crooked Flame)(4:02)
2. Harri'r VIII (Henry VIII) (4:35)
3. Boed Fy Nghalon (3:51)
4. Niwl a Than (Foggy Dew) (3:37)
5. Lisa Lan (4:33)
6. Y Gelynen (2:36)
7. Gweld y Gwir (See the Truth) (4:44)
8. O Ferch y Ffair (The Fair Girl) (4:27)
9. Y Capten Newydd (5:25)
10. Mynwent Eglwys (Churchyard) (3:54)

Total Time: 41:44