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Progressive Rock (Sweden)

Original release 1973 CBS
Re-issue 2004 New Music-Green Tree

Track Listing:
1. Wildness Meant My Freedom
2. Keep On The Run
3. One More Reason
4. City Girl
5. Ocean Blue
6. Round and Round
7. Every Raindrop Means A Tear
8. No Registration, Please
9. We Can't Change The World All Alone
10. Long, Long Weekend

John Gustafson Claes Jansson Tomas Ledin* Malando Gassama* Ola Brunkert* Anders Henkan Henriksson Bengt Dahlen Bjorn Jason Lindh* Beverly Glenn David Garriock Adrian Moar Goran Lagerberg Mike Watson Jan Schaffer* Jan Bandel Karin Stigmark

This somewhat gloomy, progressive album, comprising cream of the crop of the era's Nordic session scene, plus one bass virtuoso from England, John Gustafson (Roxy Music, Quatermass, Ian Gillan Band, Hard Stuff) is now one of the ultimate collectors items for most Deep Purple, Atomic Rooster and Roxy Music afficionados. It starts off quite heavy, then the pace is slowed down with a gospel-flavoured ballad a-la early Elton and maybe Joan Armatrading (who lead singer Beverly Glenn certainly sounds like), which sets the mood for the rest of side A. Side B is filled with quirky, interesting but somewhat murky prog rock, which takes a little bit of getting used to - especially if it doesn't grab you from the first listen; give it another chance.