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Finally on LP again the legendary New Trolls debut! Released in 1969 it was one of the very first complete LP by a pop band and in the meantime a real concept album, lyrics where written for them by singersongwriter Fabrizio De Andr and the poet Mannerini wrote the lyrics while Giampiero Reverberi (later producer of Le Ormes Collage, Uomo di pezza, Felona e Sorona and Contrappunti) arranged the music. Senza oriario, senza bandiera is an excellent album, very successful at the time, strongly tied to the beat sound of the early days. As usual there are the remarkable harmony vocals of the whole band (a trademark that New Trolls had from the very beginning), plus the Jimi Hendrix guitar of Nico di Palo and some interesting guitar parts but not particularly complex compositions.
180 gr. LP