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Kaiambá - Made In Brazil (Vinyl)




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Studio session album from brasilian band project Kaiamba.
Instrumental progressive / psych with long awesome guitar parts and the keyboards are performed with virtuosity.
It's like an acid trip in the past...

Fabio Golfetti - Guitars
Alberto Vanesco - Keyboards
Andrei Ivanovic - Bass
Fren Do Carmo - Drums

Fabio Golfetti, is the founder of the psychedelic rock band Violeta de Outono, and the current guitarist of the legendary band Gong. Fabio Golfetti was born in Sao Paulo on April 10, 1960. He started out in music playing classical guitar, then during the mid 70s he switched to the electric guitar. At age 18 he formed his first jazz-rock-progressive group LUX which around 1979/80 used to play the local college circuit. In 1983 he formed his first professional band Zero through which he recorded the first single.

In 1985 he left Zero to form Violeta de Outono whom he plays with till today. With Violeta de Outono he recorded several works, especially Violeta de Outono (an EP through indie label Wop Bop, 1986), Violeta de Outono (LP, BMG/Ariola, 1987), The Early Years (Wop Bop, 1988), and Em Toda Parte (LP, BMG/Ariola, 1989), all of these wee re-released on CD. Violeta de Outono played many gigs around Brazil, keeping that distinctive sound that made them into a cult band up to the present day.

By 1989 he started developing the side project Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, which was created by Australian musician Daevid Allen (former Soft Machine/Gong leader) which is about a psychedelic progressive rock concept that connects artists, performers and musicians from around the world. Invisible Opera´s first appearance was in 1968 in a Parisian cafe, with Daevid Allen & Gilli Smyth. In the 90´s, Invisible Opera reappeared in Australia with Russel Hibbs, in England with Brian Zero, and in Brazil, with Fabio Golfetti, conjuring a comprehensive sound which goes from free-jazz to space-rock, exploring also electronic music and ambient sounds. In 1992 he released Invisible Opera of Tibet Cosmic Dance Co. through his own label Invisível and the Invisible Opera Company of Tibet Glissando Spirit through Voiceprint in March 1997.

As a guitarist he stands out for his use of effects and his alternative guitar playing techniques, like the glissando guitar with which he slides a metal bar over the guitar strings like a violin bow, inspired by Syd Barrett & Daevid Allen.

Over the last five years he has committed himself to continue working with Violeta de Outono, doing several dates and recordings, especially the recent album Volume 7, besides other side projects with other musicians, mostly with Invisible Opera Company of Tibet. In 2006 played on the Gong Unconvention at Melkweg in Amsterdam with the The Glissando Orchestrae performing The Seven Drones: 10 guitarists of the space psychedelic universe including Steve Hillage (Gong), Daevid Allen (Gong), Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple), Steffe Sharpstrings (Here & Now), Fabio Golfetti (Invisibles Brazil), Josh Pollock (University of Errors), Brian Abbott (Invisibles UK), Harry Williamson (Mother Gong), Jerry Bewley (Kangaroo Moon), Steve Higgins (House of Thandoy).

Recently produced the DVD Gong Global Family that captures a concert in São Paulo performed by Daevid Allen, Josh Pollock, Fabio Golfetti, Fred Barley, Gabriel Costa and Marcelo Ringel. This originated a new incarnation of the psychedelic space-jazz outfit called The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, with Fabio Golfetti, Gabriel Costa and Fred Barley.

In 2010 recorded UFO Planante with his mates, Gabriel Costa & Fred Barley, melting rock, jazz, space sounds, noise, oriental music and improvisations. From psychedelic landscapes to raging rhythmic explosions, through oniric ambiences.
Golfetti is a full-time member of Gong since 2012. I See You, Gong's first studio album with him, is scheduled to be released on November 10, 2014.