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Jenny Darren, Robert Webb - Rare Bird In Rock (Digipak CD)




New Music - Green Tree


Digipak CD



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Originally recorded 1978
CD 2018 New Music – Green Tree


Living and working together in Balham, London, the songwriting partnership of Jenny Darren and Robert Webb began in earnest in 1978.
The Darren & Webb songs, ten of which appear on Rare Bird in Rock cover a wide range of styles. Haunting ballads (Oceans Away), folk-influenced renditions (He’s Going Home), and raunchy rock and jazz elements are equally at home in their special collaborations.
In this period Jenny’s vocal style was developing from the rock influence evident in her four solo albums to much more personal lyrical ideas. Robert’s accompaniment and song-arranging skills were part of his continuing musical creativity revealed in the albums by Merlin (Merlin, 1974), England (Garden Shed, 1977) and in his musical direction of theatrical shows (Squeak, 1978 by David Arnold & Paul DaVinci).