J.Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers - The Last Kiss Sessions - Previously Unreleased Recordings (CD)


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IMPORTANT..........This cd is a cut out item.It has been out of print for some time.When these cds were returned to the manufacturer for credit,they put a drill hole through the case.We replaced all the jewel cases but there is a small drill hole through the liner card and the u-card less than the width of a BB.

Last Kiss was a number two hit for J. Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers in 1964, and was one of the final gasps of the teen tragedy craze that blossomed in the early '60s. The Last Kiss Sessions consists of 20 recordings from -- you guessed it -- the Last Kiss sessions, including the hit title track and Wilson's only other hit, Hey Little One. Although Wilson & the Cavaliers recorded numerous teen tragedy songs at these sessions, the compilers almost uniformly omitted them in favor of pop/rockers that allegedly illustrate the true sound of the group. Music buyers who are fond enough of Last Kiss to track down this CD may very well have a specific interest in dead-teen songs, and will be disappointed that the group's other forays into the genre are not included. As it is, fans are left with a menu of transitional pop/rock performances that fall somewhere between teen idol pop and British Invasion-informed garage rock. Several tracks are worthwhile, but more dead-teen songs would have been better. ~ Greg Adams, All Music Guide