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Singer / Songwriter (Finland)
1996 Siboney Oy

Heikki Veikko Harma (born April 20, 1947, Helsinki Finland) is a Finnish singer-songwriter who has also distinguished himself as a translator of song lyrics. To the public he's better known as Hector, which name he has used since 1965 and the release of his debut single Palkkasoturi, a Finnish translation of Buffy Sainte-Marie's The Universal Soldier. Hector was at the height of his popularity in the first half of the 1970s, but his steady string of recordings provided occasional hits well into the 1990s. Hector's songs comprise several classics of Finnish popular music, such as Lumi teki enkelin eteiseen, Mandoliinimies and Olen hautausmaa, and he can be considered a primary contributor to the Finnish popular song of the 1970s.